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Drop Bottom Bin (solid sides)

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Product Dimensions / Specifications
  • These drop bottom bins are a heavy duty bin made for all types of waste
  • This bin is able to be transported either by forklifts or cranes
  • Emptying is carried out by pulling the draw rope handle which allows the floor to drop open from one side allowing complete emptying
  • Safe Working Load: 1000kg
  • Sheet metal sides with sheet metal base
  • Fork Pocket Size: 165x50mm
  • Fork Pocket Centres: 784mm
  • Volume: 1500L
  • Bin dimensions (LxWxH): 1540x950x1350mm
  • Durable Zinc finish
  • Unit weight: 200kg

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Drop bottom bin with solid sides is a robust solution designed to handle various types of waste efficiently. Here are the key features and specifications:

Heavy-Duty Construction: Constructed from durable materials, including sheet metal sides and a sheet metal base, this bin is built to withstand the rigors of waste management tasks in industrial environments.

Versatile Transport Options: The bin is designed for versatile transport options, allowing it to be easily transported using either forklifts or cranes. This flexibility ensures convenient handling and movement across different work areas.

Efficient Emptying Mechanism: The bin features a convenient emptying mechanism facilitated by a draw rope handle. Pulling the handle allows the floor to drop open from one side, enabling complete emptying of the bin contents. This efficient process streamlines waste disposal operations.

Generous Load Capacity: With a safe working load capacity of 1000kg, the bin is capable of handling heavy loads of waste materials with ease, enhancing productivity and efficiency in waste management tasks.

Ample Volume: The bin offers a generous volume capacity of 1500 liters, providing ample space for storing a significant amount of waste before requiring emptying.

Fork Pocket Size and Centers: Equipped with fork pockets measuring 165x50mm, the bin ensures compatibility with standard forklifts. The fork pocket centers are spaced at 784mm, facilitating easy attachment and transportation.

Durable Finish: Finished with a durable zinc coating, the bin is resistant to corrosion and wear, ensuring longevity and reliability in demanding industrial environments.

Unit Weight and Dimensions: With a unit weight of 200kg and dimensions of 1540x950x1350mm (LxWxH), the bin offers a balance of robust construction and practical size for efficient waste management operations.

Overall, the drop bottom bin with solid sides is a dependable solution for handling various types of waste, offering durability, versatility, and efficiency in waste disposal tasks. Our Forklift Waste Tipping Bins can all be attached to forklifts making them very convenient as the operator isn't required to leave their seat.