Specialised Multi-Purpose Trolleys

MHA Products offer a range of special-purpose material handling and equipment trolleys, each with unique features to suit your business requirements. Our specialised multi-purpose trolleys are manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure safety, functionality, and durability.

A Wide Range of Uses

Our range features manual handling equipment specially designed for carrying wooden cartons, bricks, beer kegs, documents, and chairs. All products come in a range of sizes and shapes to meet your requirements, and we can modify them to create custom trolleys for your specific needs.

Our Range of Special Material Handling Trolleys

Some of the specialised multi-purpose trolleys we offer to businesses across Australia are:

Material Handling Trolleys for Courts and Offices

At MHA, we stock courtroom and mail trolleys that are ideal for moving large volumes of documents and letters. These steel trolleys are perfect for solicitor’s documents, hospital records, retail records, and administrative files. Our court trolleys have three separate levels designed to fit lever arch files. They move easily on two swivel castors and two fixed castors. MHA’s mail trolleys feature a basket on top, which is made to fit standard office files, and comes with 4 swivel castors made from non-marking rubber.

Spring Loaded Bases

MHA stocks spring loaded scissor bases to be used in conjunction with our plastic bins and tub trolleys. These spring loaded bases slowly raise containers as they are unloaded, saving the operator from bending down into the tub to unload items, increasing efficiency and protecting workers from back strain.

Industrial-Strength Tilt Trolleys

We also stock Rubbermaid tilt trolleys, which are ideal for the construction and commercial industries. These industrial-strength multi-purpose trolleys allow your worker to transport heavy loads easily and safely, with a capacity of up to 272 kilograms.

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