Panel Cart Trolleys

MHA Product’s range of panel carts provides businesses across Australia with an ideal solution for moving large, bulky, and heavy materials. Our panel trolleys come in five specialised varieties – A-frame panel carts, galvanised panel trolleys, heavy duty panel racks, Rubbermaid panel carts, and steel panel racks.

Galvanised High-Capacity Trolleys

Our galvanised panel trolleys are ideal for large, bulky goods such as timber, metal sheets, plasterboard, and mattresses. These trolleys have a load capacity of 300 kilograms and feature four swivel castor wheels and two fixed large centre wheels for safe and easy turning in tight areas.

Extra Heavy Duty Panel Racks

MHA’s heavy duty panel carts are made from powder-coated steel and have a load capacity of up to 2000 kilograms. These are incredibly strong but also highly manoeuvrable, with four castors wheels – two swivel and two fixed – making for easy use.

Our Rubbermaid Range

MHA stocks a selection of panel trolleys from premium manufacturer Rubbermaid. These are ideal for hard-to-handle items like doors, table, and mattresses, and also come in both panel and A-frame models.

Steel Panel Cart Trolleys

We have a variety of steel panel carts available. Our steel A-frame panel cart has a sloped ‘A’ frame in the middle of the trolley so that items can be stored securely on both sides on the trolley. Our standard steel cart features two divisions to store doors, wood, window frames, and other bulky items.

Practical Transport

MHA also offers a steel panel cart with a plastic tool bin which is ideal for use in environments where items need to be moved while work is being carried out at the same time. Tools can be securely stored during transit and easily accessed when needed.

Get in Touch
If you would like assistance with selecting panel cart trolleys or have any questions, contact MHA Products on 1800 750 900, email, or enquire online and one of our friendly team members will contact you.