Bunded Pallets & Storage

MHA Products supply a variety of Bunded Pallets and storage. Durable, hard wearing and completely up to the task, they can hold large capacities. If you need a pallet that can comfortably contain materials, spills or leaks, this is the solution for you! Our bunded pallets have been designed to assist you in meeting the regulatory compliance standards around the safe storage and handling of liquids and chemicals in the workplace. Our 4 drum bunded spill pallets and spill control solutions are cost-effective, space saving, and made from quality materials. They’re also manufactured in compliance with Australian Standards, ensuring high durability.

MHA's 2 and 4 Drum Bunded Pallets are heavy duty bunded pallets made from polyethylene. They have easy forklift and pallet jack entry and available in 2 sizes.

We also offer a Single IBC Bunded Pallet that offers a cost effective IBC bunding area. These units guarantee easy forklift and pallet truck entry with a tough polyethylene construction.  

The Bunded Steel Shelving is the perfect solution for hundreds of situations and comes available in single or double depth configuration. Bunded shelving has the dinstinct advantage over simply stacking in a bund in that any container can be seen and accessed, while keeping everything bunded. The unique perforated shelves ensure that leaking product does not 'pool', causing corrosion and other problems.The Base is made from heavy duty, Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) – corrosion resistant


For more information on MHA Bunded shelving contact our sales team today Sales@mhaproducts.com.au or phone 1800 750 300.