Appliance Trolleys and Hand Trucks

Appliance Trolleys & Hand Trucks


MHA offer a broad variety of appliance and hand trolleys for multiple applications and use. Typically, they are designed to transport heavy items such as boxes, packages etc. They would be ideal for use in warehouses, post offices, storage facilities, offices etc. The broad range gives people the choice of purchasing a hand truck or appliance trolley perfect to the required application.

The Heavy-Duty Appliance Trolleys are industrial quality hand trolleys designed to suit a variety of applications. With a load capacity of up to 220kg, these trolleys are guaranteed a stable unit for carrying multiple heavy items.

MHA’s Folding Hand Trolley is an extremely lightweight folding hand trolley, the foot plate folding up and handle collapsing for easy storage when not being used. This is a convenient feature, meaning the unit can be stored in the back of a vehicle or easily freeing up space in warehouses etc.

The Single Cylinder Trolley is an ideal way of transporting gas cylinders safely. Supplied with securing chains, this unit is safe and guaranteed to make a reliable trolley for transporting/storing gas cylinders.

MHA’s Appliance Trolley (Stair Climber) is industrial quality and suited to various applications. They are great for transporting heavy loads of boxed and bagged products, up and down steps etc. by providing a secure and reliable moving solution, this trolley is built to last, making step climbing with heavy loads easier and safer.

For more information on our entire range of Appliance Trolleys and Hand Trucks, contact our friendly team, here at MHA Products.