Battery Powered Electric Trolleys and Motorised Trolley Carts

Powered battery electric trolleys reduce the risk of injury when carrying heavy loads in the workplace. These powered trolley tow tugs are excellent for use in hospitals and nursing homes, with the more heavy duty large platform and dump truck trolleys ideal for use in factories, schools and councils.

Powered electric trolleys and motorized trolleys are not only easier to use but they take the manual effort out of having to push a heavy trolley by hand. This will help to protect workers and health, making the workplace safer and more effective for everyone involved. These trolleys have variable speed controllers and some even an emergency stop button on the handle.

Some more of the Powered Trolley range includes-

Need help selecting which powered electric trolley is best for you?

The powered trolleys by MHA Products are backed by our experienced service team and a 12 months warranty. If you need help making your selection or have nay general questions, please give us a call on 1800 750 900 or email us directly at