Aerosol Cans Storage Cages

MHA's Aerosol Cans Cages not only secure hazardous substances, but they organise and meet storage requirements for handling hazardous materials. Each cage is manufactured and constructed in heavy-duty steel, with a durable green powder coat finish. Aerosol cages keep the cans undercover and protected from the weather and sunlight. Weather exposure can cause corrosion which may interfere with the valve and button componentry, while direct sunlight can deteriorate the can or cause it to overheat and explode. Our range of aerosol cages have sturdy bolt locks and can be padlocked so that unauthorised personnel cannot gain access to the aerosol cans. This is particularly important for aerosol spray paints. Aerosol cages feature heavy duty steel construction and offer projectile projection if one (or all) of the cans happened to explode. The explosion would be contained within the cabinet.

MHA's 12 can capacity Aerosol Cage is made from heavy duty steel and designed specifically for aerosol cans. These cages have lockable doors and bolt down plates for added security and are designed to comply with relevant Australian Standards. This Aerosol Cage is the smallest in it's range and popular for smaller warehouses and storage use. 

The 216 can capacity Aerosol Cage is horizontal in shape and designed to store up to 216 aerosole cans. 

The largest Aerosol Can Cage in MHA's range is the 432 can capacity cage. This would be seen in larger factories and workshops, where the storage of many aersole cans is required. 

For more information on MHA's range of aerosole cans, or help with deciding which size is the best for your workplace, contact our team today or continue to browse our site.