Steel Waste and Tipping Bins

We Supply a comprehensive range of Forklift Tipping & Steel Waste Bins, throughout Australia, we ensure all customers are equipped with the best products for their specific needs. These forklift tipping and steel waste bins can be easily attached to forklifts by having them locked in by the chain, the operator does not need to leave his position to operate the forklift. 

Our Range: 

Our Forklift Waste Tipping Bin is lightweight and great for use in warehouse and on sites for general waste and rubbish. It comes fitted with 2 front wheels and 1 rear wheel for easy maneuvering

Self-dumping 1500kg capacity waste bins provide an economical solution to collecting and disposing of industrial waste. To empty the bin the operator places the front feet of the bin inside the edge of the bulk dumpster or skip and then drive backwards until the tines clear the pivot point and then raise to allow the bin to tip forward.

The Drop Bottom Bins (with solid sides) are heavy duty bin made for all types of waste, this bin is able to be transported either by forklifts or cranes. Emptying is carried out by pulling the draw rope handle which allows the floor to drop open from one side allowing complete emptying with a shock absorbing system to avoid impact to the forklift or crane during emptying.

Heavy duty crane bins for all waste products are designed for crane lifting and emptying. The 1 tonne stackable crane bins are available in 3 standard sizes and come with optional wheels.

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