Construction Trolleys

Construction trolleys

MHA Products Construction Trolleys are important tools in helping reduce Hazardous Tasks that can lead to injuries. Construction trolleys are used to transport and carry heavy loads. These trolleys are Manufactured for use in demanding industrial enviroments, they are avaiable in durable powder-coat finish. There is also a wide range of different trolley styles, configrations, and load carrying capacities to choose from, Pneumatic wheels are also avaiable for us on uneven Surfaces or rough terrian. 

Comprehensive range of rubbermaid Construction trolleys,

MHA Products Range of Rubbermaid Construction trolleys inludes:

  • Rubbermaid Platform truck
  • Rubermaid Wagon truck
  • Rubbermaid work height platform truck
  • Rubbermaid Panel & A Frame 
  • Rubbermaid mega bins
  • Rubbermaid tilt bins
  • Rubbermaid BRUTE Round Containers

These attributes make these rubbermaid trolleys ideal for use in high demanding industrial enviroments.

Need to see more of our range in construction trolleys?
To learn more about or constraion trolley range and further to our trolley range please contact  MHA For a free Quote or simply browse our online store. or contact one of our frtiendly staff on 1800 750 900. 

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