SPILL KITS           

Spill kits are essential in any warehouse that carries liquids. MHA Stocks a variety of Spill kits that is suitable for various applications. A spill kit is used when a dangerous chemical spills or leaks in your workplace. The purpose of a spill kit is to contain, control and clean up. The hazardous substances that a spill kit can clean up include (but are not limited to): Petroleum. Emergency response Spill Kits contain a premium range of bioactive absorbents providing rapid and effective clean up of hazardous chemical, oil, hydrocarbon or water based liquid spills. 

Universal Spill Kits: These Spill kits are made for clean up of most liquids used in factories and workshops. 

Chemical Spill Kits: These kits are good for clean-up of agressive liquids and most chemical spills. 

Oil & Fuel Kits: Great for clean-up of oils, fuels and other non-water soluble liquids. Not suitable for water based liquids. 

For information, give the MHA team a call or email us at sales@mhaproducts.com.au.