Corrosive Goods Storage Cabinets


Our corrosive goods cabinets are perfect for storing and protecting class 8 corrosive substances. Common examples include acids such as sulphuric acid, bases like sodium hydroxide, and batteries and battery fluids. As these materials can cause significant damage to your employees and/or your workplace if there is a leakage, it is vital that you appropriately store such dangerous substances in order to maintain workplace safety conditions. Corrosive storage cabinets are used in numerous industries to securely store corrosive materials. They commonly function as factory corrosive goods cabinets, warehouse corrosive goods cabinets, power station corrosive goods cabinets, laboratory corrosive goods cabinets and workshop corrosive goods cabinets. 

The 30L Capacity Corrosive Goods Cabinet has a heavy duty 11mm double skin wall construction, with 40mm air gap to provide thermal insulation. These cabinets are designed to comply to all Australian standards. 

MHA offer a 100L Capacity Corrosive Goods Cabinet which is designed to hold larger capacities of corrosive goods in. This cabinet's double door cabinets right door can be set a 7 locking positions between 20 and 90° for easy access.

The largest Corrosive Goods Cabinet in MHA's range is the 250L Capacity Corrosive Goods Cabinet. Cabinets this size are better suited to environments such as power stations, and large factories. 

For further information on the Corrosive Goods range, the MHA team are available for help. Otherwise continue to look through our comprehensive site for more available sizes etc.