Waste Bins 

MHA Products Range of Wheelie & Plastic Waste Bins has been designed to meet all of your refuse and maintenance requirements. They are manufactured from high-density polyethylene. Our comprehensive range of wheelie and plastic bins is available in a variety of styles colours and sized to suit your individual needs.

Our exclusive range of bins include round plastic bins ( with foot pedal), plastic wheelie bins, large plastic wheelie bins, plastic wheelie bins (with stainless steel foot pedal), plastic wheelie bin caps, security bin stands and 4 wheel plastic wheelie bins (available with stainless steel foot pedals)

The Plastic wheelie Bin Caps are great for collecting waste products for particular items, e.g. recyclables, paper, cardboard. They are available for standard 80,120, and 240 wheelie bins. They are resistant to decay, heat, frost, chemicals and UV rays.

Security bin stands are great for securing your bins in public areas. They are available in double and single configurations for 140 and 240 bins. It comes standard with a lid restrictor and a spring-loaded locking mechanism.

Our Plastic Wheelie Bins (with stainless steel foot pedal) come supplied with a foot pedal operated lid which avoids touching the lid when disposing of waste. These bins are perfect for food preparation areas, they can be ordered in custom colours and styles. 


For more information on such containers, you may contact our sales team.