Stainless Steel Trolleys

MHA Products offers a wide range of materials handling equipment, including a wide range of stainless steel trolleys. Our extensive range of products combines durability with easy management options. These trolleys are ideal for all kinds of workplaces like offices, restaurant kitchens, medical facilities, schools, laundries, and hotels.

Our Range
Our Range of Stainless Trolleys includes-

  • Our Stainless steel instrument trolleys  are fully constructed with stainless steel and have the option to come with drawers. All trolleys also come with a shelf which makes it easy to stabilise the trolley and castor wheels, which makes them easy to navigate through crowded areas.
  • Heavy duty stainless steel 2 and 3 tier trolleys are great as all-purpose warehouse trolleys and stock picking trolleys. The shelves are reversible which means you can have it with or without the tray lip. There is a load capacity of 200kg and it comes with rubber castors.
  • Stainless Steel Service trolleys are used in hospitals, hotels, schools and laundries. They allow large quantities of linen or food to be moved around at once. Our stainless steel service trolleys all have castors wheels, making them ideal for linen transport. For similar jobs that require smaller volumes to be transported, two and three tier multi purpose warehouse trolleys also have convenient shelves for storage.