Plastic Handling Solutions Bins

MHA Products has an Extensive range of Plastic Handling solution bins for all types of materials handling needs. These include: beverage crate, bread crate dolly, automotive crates, RFC Collapsible Crate, Meat and Poultry crates and a large range and variety of Nally Tub which ensures that each different aspect of your business is considered and catered for.

Our exclusive range of Plastic Handling Solutions Bins: 

MHA sell Stack & Nest Crate Dollies that are stackable for secure storage through reservoirs for wheels. 

The RFC Collapsible Crate has been created for ultimate shipping and storage, they allow for businesses to drop the old cardboard habit and become sophisticated in their supply chain solutions. These are available in different heights.

We have a large range of Nally Bins. These include: Solid Tub, Nest Crate bins, Storage bins. These create are available in Red, Yellow, Green, Clear Natural and Blue.  They are safe reliable and smart handling in the business of logistics.

MHA’S supplies Vented Plastic Bread crate’s which is a lightweight plastic tray that can carry bulky loads and allows the goods to be stacked without them being damaged.  

We have a great range of automotive crates available. Pour range are all pallet compatible and special reinforcing columns allow them to be stacked when full. This range UV resistant – and this add up to long service life in tough industrial environments.  

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