AFT Glass A Frame

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AFT Glass A Frame

AFT Glass A Frame


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Forklift Attachments

We supply a range of forklift attachments including a variety of standard pallet hooks, fork Spreader, fork extension slippers, and slip on prongs.

Our range of Forklift Attachments-

The enamel paint finish fork spreaders that we offer can lift extra wide and variable loads .They allow you to safely pick up extra wide or flexible loads without the risk of damage to products such as plaster board, roof sheeting, timber, plastic tubing etc. The load guard enhances your safety while operating this attachment. The fork spreader evenly distributes the load over its full length. This slip-on attachment is easily fitted onto the forklift and is secured by a safety chain. MHA Products Fork Spreaders come in a 2 different variations 2.500 and 3000kg,

Our automatic pallet hook is self-leveling for ease of operation. An internal spring mechanism ensures the lifting eye is in the correct position to keep the tines horizontal, eliminating the need to reposition the lifting ring. Enclosed frame members protect the operator from moving parts. The Pallet Hook has been designed & certified in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1418.1

MHA Products Slip-on Roll Prong is suitable for fabric, cable and coil products. It can also be used for carpet handling, but usage is generally restricted to larger forklifts due to the extended load centre created by the length of the tines. These attachments quickly adapt to almost any forklift and require only the connection of a safety chain to prevent unintentional disengagement. The Prongs are manufactured from high tensile steel and can be made to any length with an Enamel paint finish.