Blue Plastic Stack & Nest Crates

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Code & Description Image 1 - 20 21 - 50 Order Qty
No. 4 Bins 430x323x127mm (LxWxD) - 13.5L capacity -BLUE
   $9.50 ea $8.55 ea
No. 4D Bins 430x323x210mm (LxWxD) - 22L capacity -BLUE
   $11.35 ea $10.20 ea
No. 7 Bins 645x413x210mm (LxWxD) - 32L capacity -BLUE
   $20.50 ea $18.45 ea
No. 10 Bins 645x413x276mm (LxWxD) - 52L capacity -BLUE
   $24.50 ea $22.10 ea
No. 15 Bins 645x413x397mm (LxWxD) - 68L capacity -BLUE
   $41.10 ea $38.40 ea
Plastic Crate Lid (to suit No. 4 size bins) -BLACK
   $7.95 ea $7.10 ea
Plastic Crate Lid (to suit No. 4 size bins) -WHITE
   $7.95 ea $7.10 ea
Plastic Crate Lid (to suit No. 7-15 size bins) -BLACK
   $11.85 ea $10.65 ea
Plastic Crate Lid (to suit No. 7-15 size bins) -WHITE
   $11.85 ea $10.65 ea
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Internal Size (LxWxH)
External Size (LxWxH)
Unit Weight
M7830B Blue No.4 Bin 13.5L 390x280x120mm 430x323x127mm 0.62kg
M7831B Blue No.4D Bin 22L 390x280x205mm 430x323x210mm 0.77kg
M7832B Blue No.7 Bin 32L 490x330x200mm 645x413x210mm 1.6kg
M7833B Blue No.10 Bin 52L 490x330x260mm 645x413x276mm 1.8kg
M7834B Blue No.15 Bin 68L 490x330x385mm 645x413x397mm  2.4kg
M7835 Lid to suit No.4 Bins - - 0.2kg
M7836 Lid to suit No.7-15 Bins - - 0.2kg
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Our handling crates can stack or nest depending on which way around they are stored. Injection moulded from tough, durable, UV resistant Polypropylene they are suitable for food handling, engineering, warehousing or distribution

  • Manufactured from food grade polypropylene
  • Crates are BPA free
  • All these crates listed below are made from virgin material
  • Black recycled bins are also available (see related items)
  • Size 4 and 4D are nest only


Other Bin Colours Available


Red Black White Green Yellow

Product Code See above table
Brand MHA

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MHA's Blue Plastic Stack & Nest Crates

Blue Plastic Stack & Nest Crates offer a versatile and durable solution for various handling and storage needs. Here are the key features and details:

  • Features:
  • Food Grade Material: Manufactured from food-grade polypropylene, ensuring safe handling of food items and compliance with hygiene standards.
  • BPA-Free: The crates are free from bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical compound commonly found in plastics, enhancing their suitability for food-related applications.
  • Virgin Material: All crates listed are made from virgin material, guaranteeing high quality and consistency in performance.
  • Stacking and Nesting: These crates can stack or nest depending on how they are stored, providing flexibility in storage options and optimizing space utilization.
  • UV Resistant: Injection molded from UV resistant polypropylene, these crates are suitable for outdoor use and offer long-term durability even in harsh sunlight conditions.
  • Color: Available in blue color, providing a distinctive appearance and facilitating easy identification in storage or transportation.
  • Size Options: Various sizes are available to accommodate different storage needs. Size 4 and 4D are specifically designed for nesting only.
  • Additionally, black recycled bins are also available as alternative options.

These Blue Plastic Stack & Nest Crates are ideal for food handling, engineering, warehousing, and distribution applications, offering reliability, safety, and versatility. Find more storage bins that can be used to store a variety of materials, here