Stillage Cages


MHA Products offer a selection of pallet and stillage cages. They are available in different heights and sizes, and are the perfect storage and containment solution to stack and arrange a variety of things. We also have weatherproof large stillage cages which are ideal for containing and protecting heavy and bulky items in. Whether it's to store gas cylinders, flammable liquids goods, or bulky items of any sort, these stillage cages are perfect for the job. 

The Wire Mesh Lockable Storage Cage is designed for strength, visibility and ventilation. It is ideal for use in hospitals for medical product storage, workshops, warehouses, construction sites and industrial applications. This cage can be bolted to the ground for additional security and is key Lockable for safe and secure storage.

MHA's Stillage Mesh Cage are an excellent form of warehouse storage. Combining the usefulness of mesh cages with the flexibility of stillages, these stillage mesh cages may be stacked higher than a normal mesh cage due to the stillage posts. These cages are pallet rack safe and have built in racking locators making it an ideal storage cage and safe storage on pallet racking. 

The Stackable Stillage Cages are an excellent form of warehouse and yard storage. Designed to store long awkward objects for easy transport, these units may be stacked to make use of the vertical space in your warehouse.

For further insight on the range of Stillage Cages, continue to browse the range of sizes and other versions available. If you require help on any of this range, feel free to contact the MHA team today!