Louvre Panels & Trolleys

MHA Products Offer a diverse range of Lourve panels and trolleys. The range includes Louvre Panel & Square hole boards & Accessories, Lourve and Square hole Panel trolleys and Lourve panels metal and abs plastic.

Our range of Louvre Panels-

The Louvre panel and square hole boards and accessories are wall mountable panels, which are available with lourve panel slots or square pegboard holes for hanging items. The panels can me mounted onto benches, walls, racking, shelving trolleys and more. We have a range of accessories to suit the louvered panels from single hooks, double hooks, u shape, 3 prong, round hook spanner holder and screwdriver holder.

Our Lourve and Square hole panel trolleys are strong metal trolleys which are ideal for storing either Stor-Pak bins or tools on hooks, it is fitted with 2 lockable castors and can be fitted with one side with lourve panel and one side with square hole metal pegboard or a mix of both on each side.

The Lourve Panels are available in both metal and ABS plastic, and they can be used for many applications including on work benches, in packing areas, on walls and shelving.

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