Workshop Equipment

MHA sell a large range of Workshop equipment ranging from barriers, vacuum cleaners, office chairs, step stools and a floor sweeping machine. Workshop equipment like this, is essential in almost any workplace area, but espeically warehouses and factories. Even in the workshop a chair is required for those doing computer work. The range of wrokshop equipment available for purchase, is all designed to make a day-to-day job easier and safer for workers. Explore our range above, to discover what your workshop needs. 

The 5 Metre Double Expanding Barrier is made from powder coated steel and high-tech plastics. Designed to restrict off certain areas in the workshop or warehouse, this product is an essential asset to your workshop equipment range. 

MHA's Manual Push Floor Sweeping Machine is ideal for sweeping factory floors, carparks, footpaths, entry ways etc. It's independant rolling brushes prevent waste fallback and the sweeper works by simply being pushed along which activates the roller and brushes. 

The 70L Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner is MHA's larger wet and dry vacuum in the range. It is designed for use in large workshops and factories and comes fitted with all accessories. 

We also offer a Polyurethane Stool that is designed to withstand hard use, moisture and chemicals in the industrial environment. It is ideal for workplace environments such as factory production lines, clean rooms, workshops and laboratories. 

For further information on our Workshop equipment range, continue to browse our site for information or contact the MHA team.