Foldable Trolleys

Foldable Trolleys

MHA Prdocuts massive range of  foldable trolleys provides  an easy and versatile solution to many manual handling problems. As the folding trolley name suggest, these portable trolleys can be folded and stored easily or can be loaded into the back of trucks and wagons and even sedans. These trolleys allow for heavier loads to be transported at one time importanlty by using the folding Trolleys. 

Considerations when Purchasing a Foldable trolley:

The foldable trolleys can reduce OH&S Manual Handling risks, In Addition that our foldable trolleys can also increase workplace productitvity simple tasks such as loading boxes or other matierials and wheel them to the intended destination. 

Choose from a wide selection of foldable Trolleys

MHa Offer an extensive range of foldable trolleys, brands such as RUXXAC and Clax, all of our foldable trolleys come with a numbe rof different feature to suit our specific business requirments. the have the abailtiy to collapse down for easy storage and a strong construction. 

If you would like more assistance on finding a foldable trolley which is best suited for your company please contact our MHA Experts they are avaiable to anwser all your queries. 

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