Pallet Racking

MHA product is a Specialist warehouse storage solutions company. We supply pallet tracking frames, beam, mesh decks, timber board and components, Pallet racking column guards and pallet racking end protectors. From designing stage to implementation of the most practical and cost effective options.

Our Extensive range of Pallet Racking-
Pallet racking is an essential part in warehouse storage systems in many industries. Our pallet racks conform to international codes of practice and are stable and robust, versatile and expandable, safe and of lasting value. It also complies with Australian standard AS4084-2012.

Our Pallet racking column guards and Pallet Racking End Protectors are a highly effective solution for preventing damage to racking and inventory by forklifts. The both conform to Australian standards 4084:2012

MHA sell Pallet Racking Mesh Decks that are made to suit almost any standard pallet racking system. These Mesh decks come in 2 standard sizes 1250mm and 1350mm wide x 840mm deep. 

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