Safety Barriers & Bollards

Safety Barriers & Bollards

MHA Products supplies a comprehensive range of products and equipment for use in a wide range of industries with our wide selection of products. Our safety and security products include expanding barriers, bollards, Retracta belt, traffic cones, Pedestrian control and accessories for expanding barriers and retractable tape.

MHA Products specialise in a large variety of permanent and removable steel safety bollards. Our range of bollards is uniquely designed to suit any requirement and we offer you a choice of material, finish and colour on most styles. MHA's Large Fixed Safety Bollards are ideal for protecting expensive equipment and racking from possible forklift damage. They are also great for protecting edges of roller doors from truck damage.

The 3 Metre Expanding Barrier has a compact design and made from aluminium and high-tech plastics. They are a great way of protecting areas in your warehouse from forklift damage, or restricting off certain areas in public settings. 

We also offer a range of T-Top Plastic Bollards that are designed for use in carparks, public areas, schools, playgrounds, roadwork settings etc. 


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