Cart Dollies For Sale

MHA Products offers a complete range of industrial and furniture dollies for commercial and industrial uses. Each of these different types of dollies are designed to deliver great carrying capacity for different workspaces and applications. We offer a varying range so as to meet all different types of needs and applications. 

Our Range includes:

  • Drum Dollies:  These dollies are ideal for managing space, safe maneuverability, and heavy loads in any workplace environment. Our range includes plastic and steel drum models. Drum dollies are ideal for industrial uses, construction, workshops, and similar businesses. Download our PDF brochure for full specifications and product information. 
  • Stack & Nest Crate Dollies: Our Stack & Nest Crate Dollies are professional industrial all-purpose carriers, great for moving stacked up stack & nest crates. These dollies have strong frames to bear heavy loads effortlessly. They are invaluable workhorses with a wide range of different uses in different environments, such as factories, offices and similar commercial spaces. 
  • Flat Equipment Moving Trolley: MHA Products Flat Equipment Moving Trolley is great for moving big loads and equipment due to its low height and high load capacity of 350kg. One of our Flat Equipment Moving Dollies is made from polypropylene with steel tubing as reinforcement, and comes with rubber moulds on the end to protect items from scratching and marking. We also offer an option that features a non slip vinyl platform and PVC bumber strip around the edge. 

Need Help Choosing Your Products?  

If you have any questions about product choices, technical questions, or other issues, please contact our team, that will give you help on the entire range of Dollies at MHA.