2 Tier Trolleys
MHA Products is a trusted name in supplying and manufacturing a wide variety of 2  Tier trolleys. With tiered trolleys, it becomes easy to handle objects in all workplace environments. We offer a range of 2 tier trolleys that are easy to use with high mobility and tough metal construction. We Supply these with quality wheels ensuring a long life trolley in the toughest environments. The range of our tiered trolleys is available in various shapes, sizes and weights to cater to the different requirements of the customer.

Innovative Design

The 2 tier trolleys MHA Products offer to combine a number of handling technologies that make it extremely versatile. Our two-tier trolleys allow objects to be placed on either the top or bottom platform and a metal cage keeps smaller objects from sliding or falling out.  Most of our  2 tier trolleys include 2 handles located at either end of the platforms, making it simple to maneuver or use between two people. Please browse at our online shop for our large variety of 2 Tier trolleys

Custom Trolleys

As well as importing products for sale, MHA has a design and manufacturing capacity. This allows us to create stainless steel kitchen trolleys and tray trolleys for moving stock, linen, and laundry that meet the unique needs of your business.

Get in Touch

If you would like assistance with selecting a trolley our friendly staff are happy to answer questions about our range of 2 Tier Trolleys so talk to us today for a free custom quote, or general advice.