Drum Storage & Bunding

MHA Products offer a vast range of Storage and Drum Bunding Products. The purpose of Drum Storage and Bunding is to prevent spilled liquids from contaminating factory floors, inventory or storm water drains. Containment Bunds reduce clean-up costs by capturing easily retrievable spillls. According to EPA recommendations, bunding should be used for the storage of all liquids except rainwater. 

MHA's 2 and 4 Bunded Pallets provide an economical and simple solution that complies with Australian Standards 3780 which specifies a bund should contain 110% of the capacity of the largest stored container, should it spill. These Bunded Pallets are heavy duty and made from polyethylene, with guaranteed easy forklift and pallet truck entry. These bunded pallets are one of the most popular bunded products in MHA's range, conveniently available in two sizes. 

The Low Profile Modular Bunding System is a modular system which can be connected together to make the ideal solution for storage of drums, canisters and containers of chemicals and liquids. These units are stackable for easy storage purposes. 

The Galvanised Spill Bin Trolley is designed to carry 1 drum which is mounted on the rack provided for easy dispensing. The bin tray has a drain plug for draining the bin and a capacity of 230L. 

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