How a trolley can benefit your workplace

Date Posted:9 February 2021 

Trolleys are devices used for carrying loads or to transport the material from one point to another. For safer use of trolleys, they are to be pushed forward and should not be used on loose or rough surfaces where possible, unless it features pneumatic wheels. When using a trolley, research has proved that pushing is preferable to pulling. When pulling equipment your own feet may be run over or even toes squashed. Furthermore, pulling when walking backwards can cause other hazards such as tripping and falling. Studies have told us that most people can safely apply a greater force when pushing instead of pulling. Often because of the site/work situations pulling maybe the only realistic option. Such situations should always be avoided if possible. It is safest not to overload your trolley and ensure the load being transported is stable. When using a trolley in the workplace it is important to place the load safely on the trolley, as close to the back of the trolley as possible.
Trolleys reducing manual handling risks-

Workplaces have a duty to protect the health and safety of employees at work and must eliminate or reduce risks to their health and safety. Using a trolley is a significant way to reduce employees’ risk of injury so long as the trolley suits the task and the materials being loaded and the physical characteristics of the person using the trolley. Instead of manually lifting heavy items from point a to b, trolleys are designed to perform this job for you. MHA supply a huge range of trolleys so as to carry out this objective. The variety of trolleys allows you to select the perfect one to reduce manual handling for your particular task.

We have trolleys that can steer tight corners, be manoeuvred up and down stairs and travel across any type of surface. Some of trolleys can also be customised to your specifications. MHA make it easy for you to have effortless movement of goods throughout the workplace.

Aluminium Trolleys  are constructed of lightweight aluminium which is stress resistant. Aluminium Hand Trucks are the lightest hand trucks in the industry. This allows for easy lifting in and out of vehicles, making them ideal for office, delivery and warehouse use. These trolleys are ergonomically designed for optimum performance and safe work positioning.

Cage trolleys  are simple and lightweight for workers to transfer around the warehouse. The cage makes it convenient to pick and load or unload items and stock, in turn making handling operations faster and more efficient. These trolleys are not only a safe transportation option, but an excellent storage solution for your workplace. They provide benefits such as improved organisation, higher product security and general improvement in the pace of your business which will positively affect the productivity of your workers.

Foldable Trolleys  are one of MHA’s most efficient and safe types of trolleys. It provides an easy and versatile solution to many manual handling issues. Whilst reducing strain on workers, these trolleys can also be conveniently stored in the back of trucks, cars or any vehicle you require. They help to maximise storage space in your workplace too, as when folded they don’t take up any unnecessary space.

Powered trolleys  are designed to reduce the risk of any injury when carrying heavy loads in the workplace. Powered electric trolleys are not only easier to use but they effectively reduce any strain whatsoever, as they don’t require the push that a normal trolley does. They feature variable speed controllers, allowing you to select the average speed you want it to perform at.

Order Picking Trolleys  are one of the most popular workplace trolleys as they are specifically designed for warehouse use to pick orders. They can be used for file movement, transportation of equipment and goods also, making them staple for many warehouse environments. They take manual strain out of order picking items by hand or with boxes for handling.

Lifting Trolleys  may be a small selection of trolleys in MHA’s range but these trolleys are very critical for manual handling requirements. They are specifically designed to lift items that one would manually struggle with and their technical features ensure this job is done well. With precise lift heights, remarkable flexibility, and a high load capacity these trolleys are a worthwhile choice. 

The efficiency of trolleys in workplace applications-

Trolleys are regarded as one of the most affordable and practical pieces of warehouse equipment. Trolleys are an incredibly practical material handling solution for transporting both light and heavy items. They increase warehouse efficiency by allowing employees to quickly, safely and efficiently load, transport and locate items in the warehouse. However, trolleys are not only limited to use in warehouses but can be used in airports, large railway stations, for passengers to transport their luggage. Depending on what type of trolley you purchase, they can also be used to carry and move bulky items in your backyard shed/garage or when moving house. Trolleys are an excellent device for use in hospitals, and canteens too. They can be used to transport food to people, or for transportation of equipment. Hygiene is essential in hospitals and canteens and MHA’s range of food and medical trolleys adhere to this. The material these trolleys are constructed from is an easy to clean surface that requires very minimal maintenance.

Trolleys with wired sides are designed to enclose and protect the good being stored or transported. Most of these trolleys come with the option to lock the goods up inside, which furthermore increases the protection of goods. Aside from taking up less storage space, trolleys fit easily into lifts and aren’t hard to manoeuvre in corridors. Trolleys with multiple shelves, are particularly good for storing and transporting multiple items at once.

Since trolleys reduce the incidence of injuries, absenteeism also lowers. Once the workforce is complete, productivity therefore improves. The usage of trolleys also reduces the number of trips it requires to transport documents and equipment in your workplace area. In the warehouse environment, quick order fulfillment is critical. Use of trolleys results in faster and more efficient turnaround.



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