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  • The "EMERGENCY ASSEMBLY AREA" safety sign is an essential component of any workplace's emergency preparedness plan, designed to ensure the safety of personnel during evacuations
  • These safety signs are designed to suit office and warehouse environments
  • Designed to comply with relevant Australian Standards
  • Sign is made from metal
  • This sign is great for marking designated areas for crowds of people to meet in the event of an emergency evacuation.
  • This safety sign is easily recognisable with a green background and white text.
  • Overall Size: 600x400mm

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The "EMERGENCY ASSEMBLY AREA" safety sign is an essential component of any workplace's emergency preparedness plan, designed to ensure the safety of personnel during evacuations. Here's a detailed description of the sign's features and importance:


Design: Crafted from durable metal, the sign is robust and long-lasting, suitable for both office and warehouse environments.
Compliance: Manufactured to comply with relevant Australian Standards for safety signage, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements.
Visibility: With its distinctive green background and white text, the sign offers high visibility and easy recognition, even in low-light conditions or emergencies.
Functionality: The sign serves the critical purpose of marking designated areas where crowds of people can safely gather during emergency evacuations.
Overall Size: Measuring 600x400mm, the sign is large enough to be clearly visible from a distance, aiding in guiding individuals to the assembly area effectively.
In the event of an emergency such as fire, natural disaster, or other hazards requiring evacuation, having a designated assembly area is paramount. The "EMERGENCY ASSEMBLY AREA" safety sign plays a pivotal role in ensuring that individuals know exactly where to gather safely after evacuating the premises. This promotes orderliness, prevents confusion, and facilitates the swift accountability of personnel.

By prominently displaying this safety sign in strategic locations throughout the workplace, employers demonstrate their commitment to the safety and well-being of their employees. Furthermore, it helps emergency responders quickly locate and assist individuals during evacuation procedures.

In conclusion, the "EMERGENCY ASSEMBLY AREA" safety sign is not just a regulatory requirement but also a crucial tool for effective emergency management. Our range of Safety Signs all have a clear and concise message, combined with durability and compliance with standards, making them an indispensable part of any workplace's safety infrastructure.