Extension Slippers (Zinc Plated)

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Extension Slippers Zinc Plated Finish - 1780mm long (4.5 Tonne)
   $580.00 / Pair
Extension Slippers Zinc Plated Finish - 2400mm long (4.5 Tonne)
   $675.00 $597.00 / Pair
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Extension Slippers Zinc Plated Finish - 1800mm long (8.5 Tonne)
   $995.00 / Pair
Extension Slippers Zinc Plated Finish - 2400mm long (8.5 Tonne)
   $1,255.00 / Pair
Extension Slippers Zinc Plated Finish - 3000mm long (8.5 Tonne)
   $1,605.00 / Pair
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Code Internal Slipper Size External Slipper Size HCG Length Weight Per Pair  SWL
M2405 138x55mm 150x67mm 854mm 1780mm 66kg 4500kg
M2406 138x55mm 150x67mm 1154mm 2400mm 88kg 4500kg
M2407 170x76mm 185x92mm 540mm 1800mm 133kg 8500kg
M2408 170x76mm 185x92mm 1154mm 2400mm 177kg 8500kg
M2409 170x76mm 185x92mm 1454mm 3000mm 221kg 8500kg


  • Fork slippers extend the versatility of your lift truck
  • The *SWL shown here is the maximum, however it varies depending on forklift capacity 
  • Zinc Plated Finish
  • Slippers conform to AS2359.15
  • Load Centre: 600mm


MHA Products Fork Extension Slippers/ Tines have been designed with a slim profile to extend the flexibility of forklifts. Our Fork Extension Slippers/ Tines extend the versatility of the fork truck

The safe working load (SWL) is measured per pair at 600mm load centre

These slim profile slippers have been designed and manufactured in accordance with AS2359.15 which requires the slippers used for general usage to be not longer than 167% of the supporting tine's length.

Price shown is price per pair

Product Code See above table
Brand MHA

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MHA's Extension Slippers (Zinc Plated)

Zinc Plated Extension Slippers

Extend the capabilities of your lift truck with our Zinc Plated Extension Slippers. Designed to increase the versatility of your forklift, these slippers provide additional length and support for handling longer or oversized loads. Here's what makes them the perfect choice for your material handling needs:

Key Features:

Enhanced Versatility:

Our Extension Slippers allow you to extend the reach of your forklift, making it easier to handle longer or bulkier loads. Whether you're working in warehouses, distribution centers, or manufacturing facilities, these slippers provide the flexibility you need to optimize your material handling operations.
High Load Capacity:

The safe working load (SWL) of our slippers is indicated as the maximum capacity, but it may vary depending on your forklift's capacity. Be sure to consult the load chart provided on the slippers and check your forklift's specifications to ensure safe lifting.
Durable Zinc Plated Finish:

Finished with a zinc plating, our slippers offer excellent resistance to corrosion and wear, ensuring long-lasting performance in challenging environments. The zinc plated finish provides added protection against rust and deterioration, extending the lifespan of the slippers.
Compliance with Standards:

Our Extension Slippers conform to AS2359.15 standards, guaranteeing compliance with industry regulations and safety requirements. You can trust in their reliability and performance for a wide range of material handling tasks.
Slim Profile Design:

Engineered with a slim profile, our slippers maintain stability and support while minimizing added bulk. This design feature allows for seamless integration with your existing forklift setup, ensuring optimal maneuverability and efficiency during operation.
Easy to Install and Use:

Installing and using our Extension Slippers is straightforward. Simply slide them onto the forks of your forklift and secure them in place. Their intuitive design makes them suitable for a variety of applications, allowing you to quickly adapt to changing lifting requirements.

Maximize the versatility and productivity of your forklift with our Zinc Plated Extension Slippers. Experience the convenience, durability, and performance you need with our Forklift Attachments, to tackle tough material handling tasks with ease.