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Peg Board Tool Trolley

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Peg Board Tool Trolley

Peg Board Tool Trolley

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Beverage Crate

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Beverage Crate

Beverage Crate


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MHA Products Extensive range of plastic bins and crates can meet all your material storage requirements. We offer a variety of lourve panels and trolleys, spare parts trays, bins and boxes, storpak parts bins, wheelie bins, mega bins, IBC’s and pallets, stack and nest bins and Tool and first aid boxes.

Our range is made and manufatured by brands suct as Stormax, Nally & Fischer who are known for their qualitymnaufacuting of plastic made bins for an extensive range of industries. From fruit and vegetable farms to medical centres, we have storage & transportation plastic bins made to suit your purpose. 

Types of Plastic Bins

The popular Stack and Nest Crates are available in 3 versatile sizes. These crates are available in black, blue, green, red, and white and yellow. Our handling crates can stack or nest depending on which way around they are stored. Injection moulded from tough, durable, UV resistant Polypropylene they are suitable for food handling, engineering, warehousing or distribution. We also have an access plastic bin rack which is available for each of these crates.

Polypropylene Bins

Strong polypropylene bins are ideal for parts and product storage, they are able to sit on shelves, benches, stack and clip them to lourve panels. They are available it green, blue, red, yellow and clear.  Our stor –pak bins are ideal for workshops and hospitals to store parts and medical equipment in safe storage areas.

We have a great range of utility tool & First aid boxes available for use of tools, small parts and first aid uses. It is a heavy duty co-polymer construction and has handle and clips abs plastics and padlock holes for security.

Wheel Styled Bins

MHA Products stock a comprehensive range of  wheelie bins this includes 4 Wheel plastic Wheelie bins, large plastic wheelie bins, plastic wheelie bins (with stainless steel foot pedal) and our large plastic wheelie bins which are resistant to frost, decay & heat for heavy duty use. 

Bulk Goods Bins

We also supply Plastic Pallets and bulk handling bins. These are widely used in food industries for high volume transportation within the factory or from desitnation to desintation. From fruits and vegetables with ventalation designed features to collapsable free flowing bins with 3000KG static capcity we have the bins to suit your business needs. 

For more information on our range of storage containers, contact our sales team on 1800 750 900 or email