Carton Sealing Machines

MHA Products is a supplier of the Automatic Carton Sealing Machine.   Our Automatic Carton Sealing machines are used for the closing of uniformed cartons with the same height and width and can be quickly adjusted for the next carton size in the production line.  The Automatic Carton Sealing Machine is an entry level and affordable machine.

How it works?

The carton sealer applies the tape to the bottom and top of boxes using pressure sensitive packing tape. The box to be sealed is driven by the two side belts while the tape head applies the tape

Automatic Carton Machine Facts:

  • Fast taping of all types/sizes of cartons/boxes (Height adjustable)
  • Easy operation, just push box & release.
  • Double motor ( two side-drive belts), can push the heaviest of boxes
  • Heavy-duty body with powder coated finish
  • Robust machine design & long-working, trouble-free life.
  • Automatic carton sealing machine
  • Freely movable on caster wheels, wherever your packing work is done
  • Interchangeable top and bottom dispenser
  • Tape overlap length can be adjusted
  •  Blade guards, safe to work
  • Precise operation
  • Technically advanced
  • Saves time
  • Lifts productivity
  • Seals cartons neatly & efficiently

For more information on our  Automatic Carton sealing machine contact our sales team today on 1800 750 900 or send us a email