Hospital Supplies & Medical Equipment

Hospital Supplies & Medical Equipment

Hospital and medical supplies are essential for health organizations, whether it be hospitals, medical rooms, chemists etc. MHA offer a huge range of varying medical products to help aid these medical industries with manual handling jobs, safe storage or transportation. In medical environments it is more than essential to ensure that your products are kept not only organised but safe as well. Hygiene is important especially in environments such as hospitals or aged care units. MHA’s range of medical supplies such as the triple shelf basket trolley, sanitizer storage cabinet or the instrument trolley range are all designed for safe and secure storage.

Medical Equipment 

The Stainless-Steel Instrument Trolleys with 3 Drawers are ideal for medical and dentist surgeries, hospitals etc. the 3 drawers are designed for storing and organising medical utensils safely.

Flammable Liquids Sanitizer Storage Cabinets are high quality constructed, and designed to comply with Australian standards. These cabinets provide a safe way of storing sanitizer products safely.

MHA’s Triple Shelf Basket Trolley is designed particularly for storing small parts and items neatly. In medical areas it’s essential to store medical appliances in something that can be transferred from point a to b.

Mesh-Pak Storage Bins are produced in tough and durable hospital grade material, making them perfect storage solutions in hospitals, doctor’s clinics or dentist surgeries. Being this material, means they are bacterial and chemical free which makes them hygienic. They can be screwed onto walls, louvre panel doors or just left free standing on a bench top.

Another safe way of storing medical devices, equipment or food for a serving unit at nursing homes or hospitals, is using a Heavy-Duty Mesh Cage Trolley. These trolleys are fully lockable, and the base can be folded for compact storage.

The Plastic X Shape Laundry Cart is made for carting waste products or linen. It can be used in hospitals to cart waste products, or areas such as nursing homes for storing and transporting linen.