MobiCrane Vacuum Lifter

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MobiCrane Vacuum Lifter

MobiCrane Vacuum Lifter


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Vacuum Lifter

The MobiCrane Vacuum Lifter has a wide range of to choose from, for example, adjustable columns, boom arms of different lengths, mains or battery-operated, and a long list of standard lifting tools. Common tools include hoists, mechanical and magnetic tools, as well as pneumatic and vacuum tools. If you can’t find the tool you are looking for among our standard offering, we can also design a custom solution for you.

MobiCrane is a mobile crane device designed for handling sheet material, sacks, boxes and bespoke products up to 85kg. The crane is built in various parts and adaptable to changing needs. You can build the MobiCrane of your own choice.

MobiCrane consists of a wide range of modular parts, fixed or adjustable towers in different heights. Select floor plate, round, square or mounted directly in the floor. The articulated arm is available in various lengths; choose length according to your needed work area.

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