Nally Plastics Products

Nally Plastic Products


The Nally branded products consist of an extensive range of plastic storage solution products. Including mega bins, food crates, seafood crates, large pallets, bread crates and multiple different buckets the Nally collection are used to store and transport goods between destinations in almost every industry. The Nally plastics brand is known as a leading manufacturer for plastic crates/containers, and unlike most forms of one-way packaging storage solutions, the Nally range are reusable and can be applied many times over.

The Nally range has a number of uses, such as farm produce, medicine, chemicals, clothing or any other materials throughout all types of industries. MHA’s Plastic Mega Bins (Vented & Solid) are designed for fruit and vegetable movement and retail high performance. The versatile design means that these mega bins can be used for farm produce, storage at large supermarkets or other bulk storage applications.

The Nally Plastic Pails with Lids are great for food and industrial and other general-purpose applications. The other plastic pails in the Nally range are all solid designed and great for materials handling.

Handling products is a critical in the supply chain. Furthermore, the need for efficiencies in this area is key for reducing costs. The Vented Plastic Bread Crate provide food and other product handling to many food and industrial applications. Like all of the Nally range, the crates are food grade polypropylene. This is a key aspect, as the cates are guaranteed to give customers the assurance that the crates are safe for long term food handling.

The Polypropylene construction of the Nally range of containers and crates, is to withstand weather conditions such as use outdoors or in cool rooms etc. The Nally brand includes a lot more storage solution plastic products. Browse our range and if you have any questions, ensure to contact the MHA team!