MHA is a distributor of the Bishamon brand. The Bishamon products have been designed to enhance worker safety and productivity. At MHA the Bishamon range is only selective, focusing mainly on the Pneumatic Rotating Pallet Positioners and the One Pallet Transporter. These lifting devices are designed particularly to eliminate worker bending/injury by raising and lowering pallets in the loading and unloading process.

Bishamon Products-

Lifting and unloading pallets safely is critical in industries such as factories, food manufacturing areas, logistics etc. Having the correct and safe equipment to make this job possible is also very crucial. The Bishamon Pneumatic Rotating Pallet Positioners (EZX Loader) are a modern way of manually loading and unloading pallets and other heavy items. Similarly, the Bishamon Pneumatic Rotating Pallet Positioner (EZ Loader) is designed for the same purpose- reducing the chance of injury in the workplace. This has been made possible by raising and lowering pallets at a safe height. These pallet loaders allow for easy pallet rotation too, so that the worker does not have to reach or strain.

Not only do these devices help with ergonomics and safety of workers, they improve the overall productivity and worker efficiency by eliminating unproductive lifting, bending, stretching and walking whilst loading or unloading.

Our Bishamon Unilift All-in-One Pallet Transporter is built to lift and transport standard pallets without straddling it. Compatible with standard pallets, this device is guaranteed a worthwhile and easy purchase. These pallet transporters are designed to be able to hold loads up to 900kgs and reaches a height of up to 915mm unloaded. The most beneficial feature with these devices, is the included castor kit. It makes the device completely transportable, improving both efficiency and productivity.