Safety Barriers & Bollards

MHA Products supplies a comprehensive range of products and equipment for use in a wide range of industries with our wide selection of products. Our safety and security products include expanding barriers, bollards, Retracta belt, traffic cones, flexi knock down bollards, Pedestrian control and accessories for expanding barriers and retractable tape.


Our wall mounts can provide excellent safety to workers in warehouses and docks as these come as a retract-belt wall mount and retractable-belt magna-mount. These wall mounts are available in different lengths and colours, therefore, are useful for various different applications.


For road safety, we offer slow-motion compliance, traffic cones and barrier bars. The slow-motion compliance is made up of polyethylene material which makes it strong and long-lasting. It is anti-fading and anti-rusting. The high visibility PVC traffic cones are highly durable.


MHA Products specialise in a large variety of permanent and removable steel safety bollards. Our range of bollards is uniquely designed to suit any requirement and we offer you a choice of material, finish and colour on most styles.

MHA Products knows that wherever forklifts or low-speed maneuvering vehicles are used, pedestrian and vehicle separation is a matter of life and death. We specialise in supplying pallet racking column guards and pallet racking end protectors.


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