Pallet Dispenser
MHA Products range of pallet rotators and Dispenser has been designed to increase the efficiency and safety of your warehouse and manufacturing operations.

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The Paldisc Pallet Turntable is a 22mm high disc so that pallets can be placed on or removed from turntable using only a hand pallet truck. It can rotate with load up to 2000Kg which makes it an ideal device to be used in factories and heavy industries.

Our Pallet Dispensers allows pallets to be stored efficiently whilst still using a hand pallet truck to draw off a stack of the pallets. The dispenser has swung in arms which raise and lower the pallet stack. This design allows flexibility for pallet exit points. The dispenser accepts a pallet stack placed onto the floor accessible with a hand pallet truck.  

If you’d like assistance with selecting Pallet rotator or Pallet dispensers or need help sourcing a handling solution, the MHA Products Team are happy to help please contact us on 1800 750 900 or email