Electric Fork Stackers & lifters 
MHA Products extensive range of our Electric for Stackers & Lifters can perform a wide variety of pallet stacking tasks for you. These stackers do not require a forklift license and come in capacities ranging from 1000kgs to 1500kgs.

Our Popular Products: 

The Quikstak is an ideal solution to many manual handling problems especially when the product is being loaded onto or unloaded from pallets. With weight capacities from one tonne to 1.5 tonnes and unique modular construction, Quikstak ‘smart-stackers’ virtually eliminate bending and lifting, and bring about a significant improvement in overall productivity and efficiency. With the Infra-red height sensor, it automatically adjusts the fork height as you load or unload.

A built-in fully adjustable height sensor constantly monitors the top layer of any product on the forks, and automatically raises orlowers the forks as needed, to maintain the pre-determined working height. The height sensor works equally well for cartons, paper, wood, sacks and bottles of any size, shape or weight.

MHA Products offer the MobiCrane it is designed for mobile and fixed overhead handling of sheet material, sacks, boxes and bespoke products up to 85kg using a range of lifting manipulators including vacuum lifting with standard and bespoke grippers. The MobiCrane is constructed in modules with a number of options for installation. The tower can be mounted on the floor, wall, on an existing machine or fixed in a floor plate.

Our fully auto fork stackers have the latest technology and safety functions. They are fully automatic with both electric drive an electric up/down. The motor structure is both dust and water proof which makes it functional to load or unload trucks in wet conditions. They have adjustable fork tines straddle leg which allows the operator to pickup Australian sized pallets as well as other smaller or odd shaped pallets or skids. The 24v, 200Ahbattery gives it a long operational time.