Drum Pumps and Taps 

MHA Products provides an ample selection of Drum Pumps, Tools & related Equipment throughout Australia. We ensure all customers are equipped with the best products for their specific projects we stock a versatile range that can effectively accommodate. Our Drum Pumps, Tools & related Equipment are lightweight, safe, and have simple control systems. With multiple options available according to viscosity and corrosiveness handling requirements, as well as plastic and metallic models, you can be confident we have the best fit for you.

Our exclusive variety of Drum Pumps and Taps

We are engaged in providing an exclusive variety of Industrial Drum Taps to our customers at industry leading prices. These models are available for high or low viscosity liquids they come in Poly, brass, zinc and stainless steel. There adjustable faucets enable the user to adjust the outlet downwards without leakage.

The Heavy Duty Cast Iron Rotary Fuel oil Pump can be used with diesel, petrol, oil, kerosene and ethanol blend fuels up to E85. It comes complete with Suction tub 2 cast iron bung nut with rubber boot and nozzle hoster and 2-meter diesel/ oil hose and spout. The rotary fuel oil pump has a max flow of 20 litres per minute and Viton seals.

Our great range of  Industrial drum tools are suitable for flammable or hazardous environments we stock Fibre plastic drum bung wrench, Safety non-sparking multi-head brass alloy drum wrench, 1 & 2 meter static bonding leads and twin alligator clips to help with earthing process when decanting flammables and Manual drum de-header.

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