Tanko Products


Tanko is a quality brand that MHA offer, featuring in versatile storage solutions. MHA recognise the importance of ensuring your small parts, tools, screws etc. are organised and stored safely. Tanko’s storage systems ensure that this is possible no matter your workplace envirnoment or area. Furthermore, these products are designed with reliability in mind, and therefore gurantee durability and strength. 

The Tanko Storage Cabinet/Workstation is a heavy-duty storage cabinet featuring a bench and pegboard back panel for convenient display of necessary tools.

Tanko’s storage solution products are designed similarly to remain recognizable when you are purchasing these systems. The Tanko products MHA offer also include the blue parts cabinets and blue parts bin trolleys. Available in two sizes, the 60 parts trays cabinet is a great way to store parts, tools and utensils both neatly and efficiently.

The Tanko bin trolleys include transparent front windows on each featured parts bin. This feature is to ensure storage of parts are both visible and convenient. The 8 Bin Parts Bin Trolley is a popular Tanko product guaranteeing ample storage with 8 bins supplied as standard. The featured tray at the bottom of the trolley is an excellent design feature, especially for storage of other products, that may require to be on display or presented for easy access.

Our tanko range can also be found under Heavy Duty Cabinets and Benches amongst more of our heavy duty, quality storage solutions.