Rubbermaid Products

 Rubbermaid Products 


The Rubbermaid collection of trolleys and waste handling products are designed from heavy duty plastics and materials that can withstand varying weather conditions. Managing waste, cleaning and hygiene needs is essential in almost every workplace industry. The Rubbermaid products MHA offer, are designed to control these problems and constructed to out-perform the competition, saving you money as well as protecting staff from injury. These bin trolleys and carts reduce the unnecessary waste through a durable cheaper alternative.

The Rubbermaid Sheet & Panel Trucks are ideal for moving large, hard-to-handle items including sheet panels, doors, lumber, tables, mattresses and cubical walls. Like all Rubbermaid products, this panel truck has a sturdy construction and made for handling large surface loads - making it ideal for use in any workplace environment.

The Rubbermaid Collapsible X-Carts are a versatile system that can be relied on for efficient performance without compromising image. The compact, collapsible frames are designed for efficient storage for improved organisation.

Hygiene is critical in every workplace, whether it’s in hospitals, retail stores or a food manufacturing area. Over the last 2 years, hygiene has become more paramount, with Covid 19 pressing companies into purchasing suitable, hygiene products. The Rubbermaid selection of products are the perfect hygiene solution. MHA’s Rubbermaid Mega Brute is excellent for waste and linen collection, sturdily constructed and guaranteeing easy maneuverability. The cart is designed with a holder for hygiene essentials, or other items one may require. Paired with a lid to match, this means that all waste products can be contained inside safely.

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