Fischer Plastic Products

Fischer Plastic Products


Fischer Plastics is a quality brand, featuring in storage solution items. Most of the Fischer range MHA offer, consist of plastic storage products ranging between stor-pak bins, storage drawers, tool boxes, compartment boxes etc. These products are all constructed from strong quality plastics, in order to provide users with the most durable storage solutions.

Ideal for small parts storage, the Fischer Blue Stor-Pak Bins are available in different sizes for storage of small tools and parts. They are designed to sit on shelves, benches or louvre panels in industrial workplace areas. Furthermore, these storage bins come in a variety of other colors, allowing users to store small items efficiently, and in colour order if required.

MHA’s strong oil resistant Fischer Spare Parts Trays can be used for Trade, Workstations, Medical Operators, home environments, offices and typically workshops. These parts trays are hospital grade, bacterial and chemical free, reassuring users on the health and safety of these parts trays when being used.

Fischer Visi-Pak Storage Drawers are Australian made and manufactured to the highest standards, to provide a safe and efficient storage solution. These storage drawers are constructed from medical grade plastic and suited to multiple industries such as hospitals, pharmacies, logistics, warehouses and even mobile trade vehicles across Australia. Ideal for small parts storage specifically, these Fischer products are a recommended buy for safe and effective storage.

The Fischer range of storage bins and drawers extends to other variations. Browse the full range or contact MHA for further, insightful details.