Ezi Mover Trolley

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Ezi Mover Trolley

Ezi Mover Trolley


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Durolla Trolleys


Durolla Trolleys is a brand MHA are proud to endorse. With up to 80 different trolleys, this brand includes an extensive range of quality, durable trolleys for materials handling purposes. Ranging from caged trolleys, platform, tiered, hand trolleys, tub trolleys and much more, Durolla’ s products are constructed to meet your materials handling needs.

Popular Durolla Trolleys-

Common and popular Durolla Trolleys in MHA’s range are the Multi-Purpose Platform Trolleys. Simply designed, yet compact and lightweight, they are safe to use in multiple fields of work, where materials handling is required. The strong steel frame, allows for guaranteed and worthwhile use.

Durolla’ s trolleys extend to larger style trolleys such as the Heavy-Duty Goods Trolley. These are popular as they are extremely versatile, with the space saving benefit of being able to be collapsed simply for storage, when they are not in use.

The All-Terrain Platform Trolley is a heavy duty Durolla Trolley, made for use at construction sites and for general warehouse use. This trolley is a quality Durolla Product with multiple uses, however commonly used outdoors. One side of this trolley can be removed in order to allow for easy access to the platform and making this trolley transferrable according to your requirements.

The Durolla Chair Trolley is a highly practical device, making the job of transporting much easier. They have become increasingly popular in the hospitality industry and schools, as they are designed specifically to reduce the incident of injury. This Durolla product fits most styles and designs of stacking chairs, and can move 5 – 10 chairs at once with ease. Suited to almost any environment, the Durolla Chair Trolley is a quality and worthwhile device.

Tiered Durolla Trolleys-

Durolla's Tiered Trolleys are efficient materials handling products, featured with multiple shelves to allow for more storage space etc. Durolla offers a variety of tiered trolleys so as to cater to unique materials handling requirements, in various workplace environments. The Durolla Plastic 2 & 3 Tier Utility Carts, are constructed from Heavy Duty plastic, and are designed to resist dents, chips and rust. They include built in storage bins and are great for storing small parts or tools. These trolleys are so popular, as they can be used in almost any environment, one desires. The Durolla Prestige 2 & 3 Tier Trolleys are great for dozens of uses in warehouses, schools, hospitals etc. The Powdercoated construction guarantees a stable platform when transporting goods.

Durolla Trolleys are known for quality, durability and strength. The vast range of trolleys, are all designed to meet manual handling needs of almost every working environment. For further information, continue to browse through the Durolla products listed above.