Alluminium Ladders For The Workplace

Having the right access equipment allows you to access areas quickly and safely. While there are many ways to access these spaces one of the most effective methods are aluminium ladders and Platforms. MHA products supply an extensive range of ladders and platforms.

Our ladders have a sturdy design, making them safe to use in any environment and minimising the risk to users. Whether you are a busy trade’s person or looking for an access solution for your factory, these ladders can offer a heavy-duty solution to your needs.

Our Dual Purpose Step Aluminum Extension Ladders are crossed brace making it much more stable. It also has a secure locking latch in place, ensuring there is no accidental dislodgement This attention to detail will give you peace of mind that these ladders are a safe option for your workplace.

With an aluminum ladder, you also get the assurance that comes with a sturdy, light-weight construction. This will give you greater mobility in your work, while also offering the safety that comes from a metal frame.

The Aluminum Platform Ladders are available in platform heights from0.6 metres to 2.7 metres. Coming with a large anti-skid work platform with raised edges it keeps feet in and sides the platform for greater safety and comfort.

This work aluminium plank platform comes with a convenient tool tray. It has a load rating of 150kg.the aluminium plank platform is light, strong, compact and easily portable. Coming with a tool tray it provides handy storage of paint cans, drills and other tools.

If you’d like assistance with selecting aluminium ladders and platforms or need help sourcing a handling solution, MHA Products experts are available to answer any queries you may have.