MHA Products offers a wide range of scissor lift trolleys and tables that suits the material lifting needs of hospitals, clean rooms, food processing units, pharmaceutical industry and manufacturing units. This range includes Hi lift pallet Trucks, aluminum Scissor lift trolley, Electric Scissor lift tables & trolleys, Oil Free Scissor lift Trolleys, Spring loaded lift trolleys, Spring stand tables, Stainless steel Scissor Lift trolley, Super low profile lift tables.


The Super low profile table achieves super low closed height, eliminating the need for a pit installation; the upper platform is fitted with a safety perimeter to prevent descent on contract with obstructions. The 24v control unit with up/down buttons and emergency stop make it a very convenient and safe material handling device for manufacturing units.


Our ranges of scissor lift trolleys have sealed bearing wheels for durability and cleanliness. These are ideal for hospitals, libraries and loading docks. Whatever is your material lifting requirement, we have a scissor lift trolley for you.


If you have any questions please contact our team on 1800 750 900 or email for a quick response.

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