Platform and Warehouse Trolleys

Platform Trolleys 
Stainless steel hand trolleys are labour-saving devices with endless practical uses. MHA Products has a wide selection of platform and warehouse trolleys for all purposes. Each trolley has castors that are tailor-made to provide maximum performance, maneuverability and reliability. These trolleys offer a wide selection of platforms so you can handle material with safety and convenience.

  • The heavy duty aluminium platform trolleys are strong and lightweight, which make them ideal for use in demanding workplace environments.
  • The high-quality European made Clax Cart is the ideal trolley for stores, service and office areas. It can be collapsed quickly and easily at the push of a button. The Clax range includes roles like stock picking trolleys and other handy assets on the job.
  • The Clax Cart has a foot brake, a holding device for boxes, upward folding load platform and removable wheels for space saving storage. The Clax is made of injection moulded plastic and aluminium for long service life. The Clax Cart comes complete with one foldable basket.
  • MHA Products also offers powered heavy duty platform trolleys, which provide a strong 500kg capacity platform to move heavy items. It is also available with a removable guardrail to avoid items falling off while moving.

The load carrying capacity of materials handling and warehouse trolleys ranges from 150Kg to 500Kg, which makes them ideal for manufacturing, warehousing, stores and retail outlets.

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