Drip Trays

Drip trays keep slippery spills off the floor by catching leaks and drips. Trays can also be used for Bunding small containers and drums.  MHA Products Drip trays can be used as chemical drip trays or as oil drip trays.

We have a range of drip trays available for any application, from a small drip tray that is ideal for mechanics and painters through to huge drip trays that can handle 205-litre drums. Our drip trays are made to handle even the most corrosive and toxic materials, they are made from a chemically resistant roto-moulded polyethylene for superior durability. They are also extremely functional.

Poly Drip trays

  • These drip trays are great for workshops to avoid spilling oils, chemicals and other liquids on the floor
  • Available in two sizes 10L and  18L

Polyethylene drum splash tray

  • Low profile, economical work tray to contain drips, spills and splashes
  • Tough 100% polyethylene construction which stands up to rough usage

If you would like to know more information about our range of Drip trays/ Pans our friendly sales team are awaiting your call 1800 350 700