Drain Seals


Drain Seals

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Drain Seals
MHA Products Drain seals are Lightweight, fast and easy drain seal solution, offers excellent chemical and oil resistance. Keep drain seal on hand wherever bulk loading or unloading of hazardous liquids take place around process plant valve/pump areas, near drains which lead to waterways and sewage plants or where there is a risk of solids entering the drainage system that could cause a blockage.

Our Drain Seal provides effective and immediate protection it is available in 4 different sizes:

  • Drain Seal – 450x450mm
  • Drain Seal – 600x600mm
  • Drain Seal – 900x900mm
  • Drain Seal – 1200x1200mm

They are made from chemical resistant, heavy PVC for more information please contact our sales team today! sales@mhaproducts.com.au 1800 750 300