Workshop surfaces need to have a sturdy structure and the right protection to carry out the tasks they’re designed for. MHA Products range of packing and utility benches have rugged materials and clever utility options so workers can get the job done right.

Heavy Duty Benches

MHA Products offers a wide range of heavy duty benches For example; the standard bench can endure heavy objects and intense cutting work. The utility timber worktop has a 25mm MDF top layer,  And is rated to over 500kg per shelf.  


We can custom make your work and packing benches to your particular requirements. Which give you many different options available including, Louvre Panel Back Boards, Square Hole Peg Board, Computer Screen Stands, Stor-Pak Bin Holders, Powdercoated, Stainless Steel, Galvanised, Fixed and Movable.


Our Heavy duty Tooling Cabinets are ideal for industrial workshop applications, the sliding drawers have quality smooth  operation bearings and come with 5 lockable drawers and cupboards. Each draw as a 100kg capacity. It comes with a fixed metal peg board panel which is ideal for hanging tools on.

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If you’d like assistance selecting cabinets and work benches the MHA Products Friendly staff are available to answer any queries you may have.