MHA Products Supply a range of Drum Wrenches and Openers. A drum wrench is a tool which is commonly used to open large 55-gallon drums. When unopened, a large drum's contents may be under enormous pressure. If a drum is opened without the proper tools and precautions, the pressure may escape suddenly and violently, causing injury. A drum wrench reduces pressure during the opening process. A drum wrench is a convenient tool for safely opening and removing materials from 55-gallon drums. Check our  Industrial drum tools.


Fibre plastic drum bung wrench
for 2” & 3/4” bungs


Safety non-sparking multi-head brass alloy drum wrench

DT120 & DT220

1 & 2 meter static bonding leads and twin alligator clips to help with the earthing process when decanting flammables


Manual drum de-header

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