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Specialised Drum Handling Equipment

MHA Products specialises in drum handling equipment to suit every drum handling application you will come across. We stock a wide range of drum lifters and drum rotating equipment and can also custom make or modify a piece of our drum handling equipment to suit your particular requirements.

Drum Handling Equipment has successfully supplied a range of products to some of Australia's highest profile Chemical, Mining and Manufacturing Companies. MHA Products drum handling equipment solutions provide easier transport, storage or use of your drums.

The drum dollies that MHA Products offer is made of steel and has a galvanised and powder coated finish. The castors can be replaced easily and have a load capacity of 400Kg.

Our Parrot Beak Drum Lifter can lift both steel and plastic drums and features a simple auto clamp operation. This drum lifter not only gives you convenience but also adds to the safety of your workplace.

We offer the Electric Drum lifter and rotators with weighing scales. These electric drum lifters pickup, rotate and weigh drums using battery electric power for both up and down and for tilting it is available for both steel and plastic drums with a load capacity of 500kg.

MHA Products Steel Drum Palletiser are specially designed for loading and unloading drums to and from the corner of a pallet it has locking handles which hold the weight for easy transport.

Our range of drum handling equipment also includes Drum Pumps, Drum Taps, Drum vents, Drum Sealing Products, Drum Tools and Drum Funnels.

All of MHA Products Drum Handling Equipment products are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with all relevant Australian Standards. If you have any questions or if you would like to place an order please contact our friendly staff 1800 750 900 or sales@mhaproducts.com.au





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